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The future of business is a combination of innovation, techpertise and human skills that are evergreen. It’s tough navigating a dynamic & VUCA world where nothing is constant. Therefore, it’s critical to stay relevant in the face of any challenge. That’s why Pearl Academy’s futuristic vision & LSBF’s international expertise have collaborated to create a power packed & timeless learning experience. An innovative mindset and willingness to lead any change is critical for the future. Our offering is aligned to these goals, and this includes:​

  • Leadership from diverse fields​
  • Fail to succeed models
  • Lead the change
  • Be your own brand
  • Inculcate Life Skills
  • Amalgamation of logical thinking and creativity​
  • Bringing creativity in business
  • Digital Transformation
  • Social Media
  • Digital Marketing & Digital mindset is a way of life.
  • Global faculty​
  • International Progression Model ​

Industry Overview

With the world turning to a global market and the internet enabling products from all over the world to be accessible, times have come when there will be a mass recruitment of employees who understand the global market. The need for such jobs will increase and the key to success would be the strategic business functions to beat global competition. Thus, there will be a sudden upsurge of managers who can manage the global business of the Multinationals. With culture varying among different countries, each country where an MNC ventures are present will demand a new business strategy all together. This will lead to new jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities for global managers. ​

Tommy Hilfiger
Calvin Klein
Shoppers Stop
Future Group
Massimo Dutti
Aditya Birla Group
Louis Vuitton
Salvatore Ferragamo
Steve Madden
Carolina Herrera
TCC Cumple
Bequest Group
Reliance Brand Limited

The PGDM course and its electives equip business management student with a versatile skill set that can be applied to a variety of positions in the field.

This 3-year Global undergraduate program is an industry-oriented course that positions the students to acquire a broad view of the Digital Business Management & AI and offers a Professional Diploma upon completion.

This 2-year Global undergraduate program is an industry-oriented course that positions the students to acquire a broad view of the Digital Business Management & AI and offers a Professional Diploma upon completion.

Digitalization is changing business models, technologies, and the value proposition of organisations. There is a need for redefining and restructuring efficiency and customer value propositions.

Strong collaboration with industry and professionals in the fashion, luxury, textiles, lifestyle sectors is imperative for a successful learning experience. As well as an exposure to the Fashion Eco System along with largest network of fashion entrepreneurs. With such strong enablers , the Fashion & Lifestyle Business Management creates the fundamental foundation of supply chain: from strategic to creative, production to logistics, sales to marketing and brand communication.

This programme offers a holistic understanding of the developed luxury markets and the application of marketing, sales, and retail concepts in rapidly emerging markets like India.
Our Business Communication program gives you the opportunity to develop a broad knowledge of media, cultural studies, and business.

The program exposes the students to all types of International Project Management, International Money and Finance, Global Consumer insights, Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development.

The program is designed to prepare students with a broad range of competencies applicable in the expanding field of Digital Marketing.

The course is designed for a higher school student from any stream. The courses start with listing the basic modules of the management and business like Fundamentals of Business Management and International Business Strategy.

Business analytics is a set of processes and techniques that are used to analyze large amounts of data collected and various touch points to enable fact-based decision making and improve business performance.
  • Fashion and Lifestyle will always be one the most aspirational industry driving the change inside us and our society for years to come.
  • With the integration of AI in business management, Fashion industry has been innovating and has well adapted its presence in the digital space.

The course trains the students to combine the glamorous ornamentation of luxury along with business strategies to answer the pressing questions in the luxury industry and become sought-after professionals.