2 Year Postgraduate Program in Business Analytics

Program USP

Business analytics is a set of processes and techniques that are used to analyze large amounts of data collected and various touch points to enable fact-based decision making and improve business performance.

PG in Business Analytics course offers in-depth understanding of data mining, data warehousing, statistics, predictive & advance analytics and machine learning.

The Business Analytics course also provides thorough knowledge of data-based decision-making using real case studies.

Why Business Analytics​

The global big data and business analytics market size was valued at $198.08 billion in 2020, and is projected to reach $684.12 billion by 2030, growing at a CAGR of 13.5% from 2021 to 2030 (Alliedmarketresearch.com).

In modern era where huge amount of data is generated in both online and offline space, analytics plays an important role in helping organizations to manage, process, and streamline large collected data in real time.

It also enhances their organization’s decision-making capability. In addition, the major objective of business analytics is to help organizations to get a better understanding of their customers and narrow down their targeted audience, thus improving companies marketing campaign.

Why Study @DSOB?

​CEO & Founder Mentoring

Renowned CEOs of successful businesses will be mentoring students. They will impart their experience of transforming business models and share their wisdom of running organizations including successful people management.

​Unmatched Global Exposure

Opportunity to engage with the top faculty members from our global academic partner universities. Students also have the option to progress into these universities across the globe.

Start-Up Support

Our Runway Program offers funding and support for every student who wants to start their own start-up. Mentoring sessions along with an advisory committee will enable aspiring entrepreneurs to realize their ideas into reality.

Placement Support

A dedicated Career Services team will felicitate placement and work around student aspiration. Alumni can avail placement support & Career mentoring up to 5 years after graduating

Industry Partnerships

We have industry partnerships with various industries such as consulting, luxury cars, retail and many more. Industry Leaders will guide and support students to complete their capstone projects.

Digital Pedagogy

Access to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for every student.

Life Skills Training

Students are trained to hone essential life skills such as communication, networking, leadership, negotiation, presentation, and many more that are important for making a mark at professional workplaces.